Integrity and Professional Ethics Above Reproach

As a structural engineering consulting firm, PEGroup Consulting Engineers has completed over 14,000 forensic investigations since its inception. Our experience extends from the 1985 Mexico Earthquake to the World Trade Center attacks where John Pepper and Greg McLellan, PEGroup President and Vice President respectively, provided engineering consultation. PEGroup uses the latest FEA techniques and other software to construct comprehensive computer models of structures in our analysis of over stresses and potential causes of failure. The categories below offer a visual representation of some of our work.

Champlain Towers – Surfside Building Collapse

Structural Failure

Parking Garage Collapse 2012

Hurricane Charlie 2004

Roof Damage

Silo Roof Collapse 2012

World Trade Center 2001

Seawall Failure

Haiti Earthquake 2010

Propane Gas Explosion in Puerto Rico 1996

Fire Damage

Deerfield Beach Building Explosion 2007

Sri Lanka Central Federal Bank Bombing 1996

Flooring Damage

Barbados Sinkhole Building Collapse 2007

Oklahoma City Bombing 1995

Concrete Restoration

Hurricane Katrina New Orleans 2005

Mexico City Earthquake 1985

Our Experiences