Due Diligence Inspection

Our due diligence services provide an experienced inspection and review of existing buildings that are being considered for purchase.

PEGroup Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides services for an objective, third party due diligence review of the condition of buildings. This information is useful and desired by developers, business managers, hotel owners, commercial property owners, real estate investors and others who are considering buying a building and want to know its condition.

Often older buildings come with existing problems that need attention or repair. These buildings often provide tell tale signs of existing structural problems or other defects that may significantly add to the repair and maintenance costs of the facility. Lay persons or inexperienced people may fail to recognize those signs or potential problems. The cost of our experienced review is a small cost to pay for the knowledge that it provides.

Our forensic investigation and structural design experience provides us with the expertise to locate or understand potential problem areas. We have observed underlying conditions of past settlement damage and repairs, corrosion damage, rotted and deteriorating frame construction and other structural problems during the course of due diligence investigations. In addition, we can bring together a team of other experts in their field including registered architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, window consultants, roofing consultants, ADA consultants, and general contractors to provide repair cost estimates and a full understanding of the existing building conditions.

We have completed over 15,000 Forensic Investigations.

If you have any questions about our experience in any type of Due Diligence, you may e-mail us, write us, or call us and we’ll provide the required information promptly.